10pm. Almost off for the night. Leaving behind what's unfinished today. Loose ends will not reconnect before the morning anyway. Once again, a dim glow in that empty flat across the streets. No boxes though, seems progress is slow in there as well. City's almost asleep by now, only the subliminal, omnipresent sound of distant machinery prevails, and once one notices, it can't be unheard for the time being. At least there are stars tonight, sparkling on a cloth made of deep black. Indifferent lights in an endless void. Or spotty holes in the fabric of a black universe, letting drip in light from whichever obscure sources. (With all that vast dark emptiness too huge for a mind to grasp anyway, it's hard to tell which of both options feels more gloomy and cold. And maybe finding some rest is a better option, to keep thoughts from running completely astray.)

Almost 10pm, and still a bit further. How long to go if missing out on good intentions, like having an early sleep? Next door, one of the empty flats' very slowly coming back to life, furniture has been moved in all day apparently, there are a few boxes stacked next to the windows, and a huge dreamcatcher hanging right above the dimly lit balcony. (No more flow today. All these thoughts are able to bring up for tonite will be unsorted and random.)