Far beyond 10pm again. Crossing common thresholds faster these days, looking back and wondering where the hours went. Still counting lines of code, still trying to match outcomes to expectations and trying to find what causes the gaps in between. The wearing-down of late days, the tiredness of early nights, the growing inability to stay up late that seems to come with the years.

10am and on. A different kind of quietness in intermediate days. A street, even more empty by now. Janitor on the other side's having a coffee and a cigarette in the sun, some people are out there carrying huge shopping bags, and on the corner balcony, a young student in a rabbit-ear hoodie seems into learning, hidden halfway behind a laptop display bearing a glowing fruit. The morning, too: Digging deeper into technology. Rubber duck kind of debugging, and the duck doesn't understand either. There's still work to be done today.

Closing in on 11am. Running into wires drawn months ago, which seems ages by todays standards. There's always some flaky infrastructure on one end of these, and there's always a deep dark hole to get lost within while trying to dig to the core of the problem. (Also: The fun of issues that disappear just by deleting log history or viewing configuration files. Things being indistinguisable from magic again...)