Die Woche verliert sich, und mit ihr einige begonnene Gespräche, deren Abschluss fehlt und die in ungesprochenen Worten, ungegangenen Verläufen weiter um den Wirbel des gewohnten Denkens herum mäandern. Man tut, was man kann, jeweils immer im Moment, aber nie genug, wenn aus der späten Ferne auf die eigenen handelnden Hände blickt. Man weiß, dass man irgendwann verschroben und kauzig wird, nur weiß man nie, wann genau dieses Irgendwann beginnt, begonnen hat. (Offenes Fenster, der Abend bremst ab, wo der Morgen losrannte. Ein Glas, eine Kerze, und ein Haufen blasser Adjektive, die die Maschine nicht versteht. Obskure Selbstbestätigung, während der Abstand zwischen dem Jetzt und dem Dann immer kleiner wird.

Closing in on 10pm. Yet again. Hands still to the wrists in loose ends. Wondering whether these are todays or actually yesterdays loose ends and the mind managed to just emulate a whole twenty-four hours. Then again, neighours across still seem to move in, the night feels colder already with skies more open, and the 'hood gets louder as week moves on. (Opening and closing windows in five minutes intervals. Somewhat tired. Somehow looking for sleep. And in an odd way being enticed by the idea to have breakfast.)

Saturday and close to 10pm. Not sure where the evening went. Or the day, for that matter. Sounds of a distant fireworks, sounds of the city kids hanging out on the parking lot again. A scent of charcoal in the chilling air, and a giggle on the huge terrace above the houses. All feels amplified, distorted, weird seen and heard through the veil of early sleep. (Moving on, slowly, but unsure of which direction is heading for the morning the easy way.)

10pm again. A small motorcycle's racing through the street, leaving behind a screeching, loud noise that slowly fades with the wheels disappearing further in the city. Below on the sidewalk, someone has aligned a whole crowd of electric scooters, green lights like static fireflies just inches above cold concrete ground. Means of finding and taking paths, but no travellers nearby. (What remains: Yawning, stretching, clutching to the day, tired and uneasy and still somehow feeling like having passed that point where sleep's a likely option. Still worth a try, again, though.)