Too: Places to not rest. Solid metal benches in brightest sun, every likely source of natural shadow carefully eliminated or pushed beyond the borders of the park. A small semi-artificial lake, and a kid screaming in anger and disappointment at being forced out of the water by its parents. The hum of insects in blooming meadows. An old old summer day.

10am and on. The odd sensation of phenomenons disappearing once a reasonable amount of components was restarted. Also, distracted by the bright blue sky today. And the sound of a neighbouring business starting over doing whatever they're spending their time on. Pondering ones own schedules and habits related to work and sleep and early mornings. No conclusions so far. Just gut feelings.

4pm and on. The wind the meadows the river and an endless sky. Standing on the bridge, watching people and dogs reclaiming the world, the mud and the new green. Face hot with sun. Soul wide with calm content.

(Der Morgen, auch: Immer wieder jene seltsame Auswirkung spüren, die die tägliche Seele erfährt, wenn man aus den trüben Straßentiefen hoch in die Büro-Flure gefahren ist und das Licht der neuen Sonne in den Tag fluten spürt...)