10pm and on. Again. Street and parking lot belong to a crowd of teenagers, dressed in black clothes, quiet as if not to be in focus of any attention of anyone in the neighbourhood. A bunch of bicycles gleaming in the beam of a huge cars headlights. That time of week again, for the tired and exhausted ones to find their way home, into deep dubious dreams bordering a dubious reality. That time of week for those to move on and out, to disappear into everything they've been working to, all the hours of all the days since early Monday morning. The same darkness encompassing all of them.

8pm and stumbling. Still early yet late again. Considering night and dreams, somehow lost to an unrequited love affair with that odd moments just before dusk, when the city lights wake again, the air carries that certain scent, everything emits an all-embracing quietness even in between cars on a crowded street and music is just enough in drums, a dark base guitar and a voice same as dark. Surfing blue hours to dive into deep darkness, always feeling like letting behind a lot of things that were as well as a lot of things that could have been - and still feeling content and comfortable with it.

Almost 10pm, and still a bit further. How long to go if missing out on good intentions, like having an early sleep? Next door, one of the empty flats' very slowly coming back to life, furniture has been moved in all day apparently, there are a few boxes stacked next to the windows, and a huge dreamcatcher hanging right above the dimly lit balcony. (No more flow today. All these thoughts are able to bring up for tonite will be unsorted and random.)