Closing in on 11am. The sun, the wind, a certain cold.  A day about somehow not getting into the right swing. Too many sidetracks, too many sudden stepstones appearing out of the familiar. Cautiously digging deeper, not really sure whether things will improve what's to be found. (Wondering whether the model knows, but ultimately refraining from asking these questions as recent answers haven't been all that pleasant or helpful.)

Einige Träume weiter wäscht sich der frühe Vogel Müdigkeit und Schlaf aus den Augen, wirft noch einen Löffel mehr Kaffee in die Tasse, heute. Unruhe über den Hinterhöfen, die Räder von Mülltonnen knirschen auf Kies, eine Katze faucht. Gebeute Silhouetten und kleine helle Fenster an der Bushaltestelle. Erste Vorstellungen vom Freitag bleiben vage, erste Handgriffe in der Routine sind holprig und manchmal tritt man einen Schritt zurück und grübelt, warum man tut, was man tut. Spitzfindige Fragen ans Modell, vielleicht weniger auf Antwort hoffend als sich eher fragilen eigenen Überlegenheit dem System gegenüber versichernd. Vorsichtiges Tasten in den Morgen, noch merklich vor den ersten Blicken der Sonne. Habt es mild heute!

3pm and on. Oh well, afternoons. The model's stuttering at todays last questions, emphasizing its own limits in well-crafted words. Maybe the topic is too complex for machines to tackle, or there are general signs of exhaustion shining through the fabric of obscurely trained knowledge. Coffee won't help much it seems, so by now resorting to known constants and explanations feels like the way to go. Picking up headphones once again while day's still keeping its light on the facades. Moving on, moving on fast.

3pm and on. Reviving a thread of project communication that fell asleep months ago - and yet apparently didn't lose its top priority ever since. Now, looking into retroactively finishing what remained open back then as fast as possible, to learn we still don't know. (Neither does the model, yet sometimes it feels like its responses are gaining a somewhat sarcastic overtone. But maybe it's just on the recipients side, as with all communication.)

11am and on. Sitting between chairs, holding a lot of different tools, but they all seem inappropriate. Also, the unpleasant effect of things changing behaviour on closer look, driven by factors invisible to eye and monitoring. Navigating a wide array of likely breakages, randomly recombined every other moment. Trying to focus dancing particles of dust, staring elsewhere then and now to avoid feeling all too dizzy. No model answers, no better ideas. So it proceeds.

10am and going. Too: Getting completely lost discussing a concept like physical weight of data. Not sure where to even start explaining. Or pondering this. Maybe the model knows, maybe it will make confusion even worse. Learnt, elsewhere: Writing e-mails addressing a huge crowd and not speaking to anyone in particular and directly is a good way of not getting meaningful responses, too. (Not sure whether, today, trying to reduce caffeine consumption really makes any sense.)

Close to 8. Day's reconsidering its schedule. Not fully arrived in this current Now yet. Also: Trying to involve the model in conversations about the various aspects of history of this particular date. Undecided what to think of the results, as always. If you're not sure you know things, maybe better not look for someone to confuse you.