11am and on: Balancing on a wire through the fog. Headset's filtering some of the noises but only those coming from the outside. Attaching log files to critical issues, with the sentiment of machines complaining about their operators. Tried to discuss some of these aspects with the model, but to no avail. Reconnecting the tunne. To disappear within again. Moving on.

9am and on. Always in between people and voices. Fragmented these days are. The goodness, however, of taking and finalizing notes on time and even discussing random topics of the hour with the model. Like: Why is adding complexity to code often a good way of slowing everything down, both in development and on actual machines? Or, how to explain ramifications of different ideas of "complexity" to users suffering from slow or limited software? (No response, so far.)

Closing in on 11am. Trying to get more quiet inside to compensate for the noise outside, literally everywhere. The office below is discussing strategy and outcome - speech volume and vocabulary used suggest a surprisingly negative experience, and one wonders at which point voices should be kept down a bit to not disclose business secrets to too many third parties. (The model has no idea about possible legal implications. But some things can't be unheard.)

Past 10pm. Few more attempts to communicate with the model today - not really enlightening. Same as offering it a cold drink and a brief chat asides the tougher topics shaping these days. (The joys of talking to a machine that doesn't even try to fake being a human. And, wondering about what an apology might mean in such a conversation. In the end, picking up a few samples of suggested code and filing them under "to try later". Just in case.)

3pm and on. Try, fail, repeat. That kind of cycle, waiting for things to settle. Being a consuming part of other peoples conversations, too, with the chatter next door drifting through the office floor. Also, exploring the models experience gaps when it comes to discussing arcane cartoon series. But maybe people and models alike just want to forget Osaka Seafood Concern. (Elsewhere: Still reloading. Halfway through it, next iteration.)

8pm and on. In a state of hurry, still. Waiting for the day to settle while the sound of neighbours returning home is flooding the house. Shutting down machines, leaving the model to rest for the night. No more inquiries today. No more hallucinations. 

11am and on. Moving targets. Or: Two people changing infrastructure at the same time without knowing about each other are a challenge to tackle. Sometimes, good results drop out just randomly, eventually, for a few moments to then disappear again in the unsorted void of side-effects they used to come from. Talking to the model, learning odds and ends of things related, and being confronted with ones own world view once more in such situations. (More coffee.)

Closing in on 11am. The sun, the wind, a certain cold.  A day about somehow not getting into the right swing. Too many sidetracks, too many sudden stepstones appearing out of the familiar. Cautiously digging deeper, not really sure whether things will improve what's to be found. (Wondering whether the model knows, but ultimately refraining from asking these questions as recent answers haven't been all that pleasant or helpful.)