Light clouds and dark clouds and strong winds and weak breezes and green leaves on street trees and drops of rain across the windowpane, showing up and evaporating again. A prevalent feeling of everything being an organism of its own, breathing, pulsing, at times sighing. 4pm and a bit more to go. Somewhat restless. Somewhat exhausted. But still somewhat focussed. (No idea whether this is good or bad at this point.)

10pm again, stalled. Listening to the sound of real and imaginary rain drumming the roof. Still keeping windows open, trying to get along with the mismatch between expected and actual temperature outside while the quarter is reconsidering sleep. Breathing all the late air, which again feels more earth and less city today. (A weird kind of experience while being knee-deep into wrestling arcane devices connected to a digital reality. Ambiguities beyond twilight.)