4pm. Cautiously moving on. Paperwork, basic documentation requirements and the fallacies of digging through piles searching for needful pieces and retrieving things that ought to be left there. (Forcing oneself into a break. Still no sun. But at least no more rain for now.)

9am and on. Sun veiled by clouds. A fresh breeze in the trees. Home office mood: Of obstacles and workarounds. Again. There's always something not quite right, and there's always someone to find that particular glitch, in the deepest darkest corner of whichever system one comes up with. (Wondering whether this is a special ability one needs to have - or rather a sign of misunderstanding users and customers more or less massively.)

There are places that just don't feel welcoming. Places, where one feels everyone being slightly different and yet everyone watching everyone else. And there's always that feeling of life being very difficult around here if one's a bit more different than anyone else. 11am, thin clouds, hazy sun, cold wind.

4pm. Disconnecting. Accumulating snippets, gathering dust, discarding old coffee. Clouds drawing closer, doves have mostly withdrawn from the office buildings. Briefly watching heated disputes over there again. Communication seems challenging in general, these days.

A late ray of sun, through darkening clouds and like just before strong rain or dusk, whatever will come first. Reflections on the roofs. But no shadows. 6pm and unsure whether silence is echoing into or out of the day.

(Immer noch leicht uneins mit dem Tag, der Welt und sich selbst, heute. Halb im Grau, halb in wechselnden Wettern, halb im Gestern, halb im Heute. Über dem Viertel läuten die Glocken, bislang blieb die Stimmung leise. Etwas weiter, im Garten, zeigen sich Narzissen und Tulpen, eine Hummel kreist durch um Traubenhyazinthen, der Duft der Forsythie ist heute intensiver als sonst. Hohe unruhige Wolken, einige Parzellen weiter wird bei gedämpfter Lautstärke geraucht und getrunken, wieder schnürt ein grauer Fuchs durch das Kamerabild, und wenn man zur Ruhe kommt, landen die Vögel auch um diese Zeit an der Futterstelle. Augenblicke, kurz, aber intensiv.)

10am and on. Out of time, out of sync. Losing thoughts while passing through the hours. Some white in the grey, but in the end it's all just different levels of light, and different moods in each of them.